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Nichole Farine

SUNLIGHTS Artisan Team Memeber

Welcome, I am the owner and stylist here at NC Hair Studio. With 10 years experience behind the chair I am ready and willing to share my knowledge and love for Balayage with fellow hairdressers'. 

                        Why SUNLIGHTS??

Described as "the world's fastest growing, most recognizable Balayage lightener brand" SUNLIGHTS is revolutionizing hair painting around the world. With its goals of significantly increasing hairdressers' income while simultaneously reducing our environmental impact. SUNLIGHTS is available on four continents. Bringing you both the education and tools you need you need such as THE BALAY BOX, THE BALY WRAP, THE BALAY BRUSH. SUNLIGHTS is the leading charge of the Balayage revolution!  

If you want to learn more please join me in a class or request a class in your own salon. I also offer private classes if you are interested!

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